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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Behavior Health Treatment Services to native and non-native individuals and their family members by providing them with the Structure to make the lifestyle choices and changes that will give them a sense of freedom and an overall improved quality of life.

Klallam Counseling Services Offers the Following Programs

Assessment, Referral, and Urinalysis

Intensive Outpatient Treatment - It’s an educational/process group for those who are in early recovery. You will learn about Post-Acute Withdrawal, psychological effects, support meetings, recovery process, etc. We provide day and evening groups.

Intensive Relapse Prevention Group – This group meets once per week for two hours. You will learn about the relapse dynamic and Identify relapse triggers and high-risk situations. This is an education group.

Youth Group – In this group you will receive chemical dependency education, group process, recreational therapy and fun outdoor activities.

Anger Management Group – This 12 week group meets once per week in the evening. In this group, you will learn how to manage anger appropriately in healthier ways than before.

Continuing Care – This group is intended to offer continued support for those who have completed primary treatment in IOP or Intensive Inpatient. It’s a part process group and part education group.

Monthly Treatment – This group meets once per month for the remainder of a treatment program. It is a support group for patients who have completed primary and continuing care treatment. We provide day and evening groups.


Co-occurring Groups – These groups are multi-phased for those who have mental health and chemical dependency disorders.

Addiction-free Pain Management – This group meets for sixteen weeks. In this group you will learn how to identify inappropriate use of pain medication, including alcohol and/or other drugs. You will be introduced to alternative methods of coping with pain.

Family Programs – An evening program, facilitated by Jim Stagg. In this group you will learn about, re-building trust, healthy self-care, healing emotions, healthy boundaries, spirituality and recovery, overcoming denial, blended family issues, forgiveness, dealing with divorce and remarriage, 12-step self-help, anger management, and relapse prevention.

Native American Group – We are Native Americans in Recovery, we support and help one another work toward the freedom we deserve. We honor the past and embrace the future while working hard to achieve our common goal of sobriety. We pick each other up when we fall down and continue the journey. We seek a plan that leads to enlightenment.

Contracts to provide services with:

  • Clallam Co. Drug Court
  • Title XIX Medicaid Coupon
  • Juvenile Rehabilitation Association
  • Clallam Co. DUI Court
  • Tribal ADATSA
  • Indian Health Service