Elwha Warrior 
Princess Sara Moore

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Sara Moore is an enrolled member of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe. Her parents are Mark and Laurie (LJ Johnson) Moore. She is a descendent of Butch Johnson of the Makah Tribe, Carol Johnson of the Elwha Tribe and Elmer and Marlene Moore.

Sara's favorite food as a child was pizza. The #1 song played on her iPod is Tornado by Little Big Down.

Sara's favorite indoor/outdoor activity is playing basketball, and she even played on the varsity basketball team when she was a student at Crescent High School. Sara graduated from Crescent High School in 2012.

The household chore Sara likes least is doing the dishes. Her favorite form of exercise is swimming. Her favorite time of the day is bed time. Her favorite day of the week is Friday. Her favorite month is January. Sara's least favorite mode of transportation is walking. Her favorite sound is waves.
Sara loves to bake. If Sara could throw any kind of party it would be a cake decorating party. 

Sara says the best year of her life so far was when she was 17-years-old. Sara is 19-years-old today.

If Sara knew the world was ending in 2012 she would have gone skydiving. 

If Sara could learn any language it would be sign language.

If Sara won the lottery the first thing she would do is by a '96 lifted Chevy. 

Sara's career goal is to be a photographer.

When Sara has free time she likes to go to the gym or spend time on Facebook. 

If a soundtrack was made of Sara's life the songs would be as follows, Tornado, Better Dig Two by Little Bigtown; Hell on Wheels by Brandley Gilbert; Huntin' the World by Colt Ford; and Victory Lap by Macklemore.

The hardest thing Sara ever did in her life was flush her fish down the toilet, aw!

When Sara was growing up what she did to get in the most trouble was getting with with mud. 

The best gift Sara ever received was her 30-.06 rifle. 

What Sara misses about being young is running around like a wild child. 

Sara doesn't think a picture is worth a 1,000 words, it's only worth 457 words.

Where's Waldo?
On vacation in the Bahamas.