Elwha Police Department

Chief of Police Jeffrey Gilbert
341 Spokwes Drive
Port Angeles, WA. 98363


The Lower Elwha Police Department is devoted to our community by providing excellence in police services. We recognize our responsibility to maintain order and protect the tribal community, residents and visitors to our reservation. We strive to build community partnerships to improve the quality of life in our residential and business neighbourhoods.

Mission Statement

The mission of this Agency is to consistently contribute to our tribal community’s reputation as a safe place to live, work, play, learn and visit.

We accomplish our mission through providing the highest quality law enforcement, parole & probation, community information and support services possible within the resources provided to us.

We are perceived as a “go to agency” in the community, as professional, responsive, systematic, adapting rapidly to changes in the tribal community, and as adding value in return for the Tribal / Federal Government  dollars with which we are entrusted.

We value...

Integrity...Inclusiveness...Stewardship...and Communication

We are accountable to our tribal community for innovative and collaborative efforts that anticipate needs, leverage resources and deliver solutions.

Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Inclusiveness: We embrace diversity and value different perspectives as we work together for the common good.

Stewardship: We ensure the Tribe's / Federal Government’s resources are used responsibly to provide the greatest benefit.

Communication: We listen and engage in an open, honest and timely exchange of information.

We acknowledge that we have read and under understand the Mission Statement and Vision of OUR Department, and are working in a manner that best promotes the highest standard of the                  Lower Elwha Police Department.


Jeffrey Gilbert, Chief of Police

George Black Crow, Sergeant

Lloyd Lee, Officer

Jimmy Thompson, Officer

Josh Woods, Officer

Ted Potter, Lieutenant

Ricardo Gonzales, Officer

Daniel Point, Fish and Wildlife Officer

Josh Grasseth, Fish and Wildlife Officer

Dawn Stephan, Probation Officer

Rachel Johnson, Office Manager

Emergency Management

Glen Roggenbuck