Walter Freeman Bennett

Veteran Walt Bennett and Grand-Nephew Wade Francis in Washington D.C.
Walt Bennett was born on November 8, 1918. His father was Frank F. Bennett of the Quileute Nation and his mother was Annabell Bennett and was a descendent of Hunter John of the Klallam Nation. His mother named him Walton, but the BIA listed his name as Walter on his birth certificate.

Walt and his wife Pat moved back home to Elwha from Queets, Washington and worked with the Klallam Language Program as a Language Teacher. He shared many stories about growing up on the Elwha.

Walt liked to go hunting and fishing along the Queets and Elwha River.

Walt passed away in 2007. Walter had a great sense of humor, and was a member of the Shaker Church. When Walt preached he always preached about love.

This is one of the stories that Walt liked to share:

This one time I went up the river. I never took my flashlight with me. I was catching fish, pretty soon it was dark. I tied the canoe up. I had a couple of fish up on the bank. Then I started for home, I was walking on the trail that leads up to the road. I was going up hill and I got to the top. I was walking along, and I could see between the trees some light. I was going along and BOOM! I bumped into something! I stopped. I didn’t know what to think. I never got scared, but I think I took a step backwards. Well here goes, I said and I put my hand back to see what it was. I touched something warm and, ‘MOOOOO.” Here I bumped into a cow. Crossways on the road and I bumped into it.

Walt Bennett with Bob Boardman.